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    (Design works should be submitted to:design@homedecdc.com )

  • Instructions for submitting design works by email:

    1、The design works should be arranged on a vertical A0 plate (1189mm high, 841mm wide). The size of each picture should not exceed 2M. The format of the picture should be JPG with a resolution of 300dpi. The drawing plate shall contain the design drawing and design description (including but not limited to the introduction of participants, design inspiration, design concept, etc.). Please send the work document as an attachment;

    2、The name format of the work should be "Category + name of the company/institution + name of the participant", for example: Sustainable Home + Xiamen University + Zhang XX;

    3、Email address for Submission:design@homedecdc.com;

    4、The email name format is:Category + name of company/institution + name of participant;

    5、The email attachment contains:1、Design Description (PDF format) 2、Design drawing (JPG format)


    Please submit your entries in advance to avoid delivery failure due to deadline rush;

    Download relevant materials: (friendly tip: if you can fill in the data sheet in both Chinese and English, it will be more convenient for foreign judges to understand the works.)



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    a.If you have any other information or questions, please leave a message to the organizer here.

    b. If you want to participate in the live streaming, please leave a comment and tell us what you want to know.


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