Competition instructions

1. Participants need to log in the official website

Apply online only

2. After the online registration is successfully submitted, obtain the unique registration number and "application form"

1) The "Application Form" includes:

Personal basic information sheet, entry display, entry data sheet.

2) Note:

The "Application Form" is different for interior groups and product groups. If the contestants of the space group want to participate in both groups, please make sure to download and fill the froms of both groups.

Entry submit to

1)Email naming:

“Good design at home award—entry number—category—topic—entry title—name”

For example

“Good design at home award—1092342—Product—Fresh&Beautiful—Spark—Yifan Zhang”

2)After sending the email, an automatic reply will email back as "registered successfully"


1. The personal information and document information submitted by the participants must be true and valid. False information will cause the cancellation of the award qualification.

2. The copyright of the entries belongs to the participant, the organizer reserves the right to copy, record, produce, sell, exhibit, promote, and manufacture etc.

3. The participant is responsible for any copyright issues that occur during the design and entry process, and has nothing to do with the organizer of the competition. If the winning works are plagiarized and other infringements occurred, the organizer has the right to disqualify the entry and awards.

4. Entries that violate relevant national laws and regulations, national traditional customs, industry norms, ethical standards, etc., will be subject to a one-vote veto system and will not be selected.

5. All rights reserved by the organizer.

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