Registration instructions

1、Entry process:

Designers to participate in the 2021 Home Furnishing Design Competition should follow the following procedure to register:

1、Open the official registration website;;

2、Designers who participate in the competition click "I want to participate" on the home page to register, and then complete the form according to the information on the web page, where "*" is the required content;

3、Click the "Submit" button to register successfully.

2、Entry requirements and submission methods

1, work submission requirements: the participants need to provide at least one (part), at most five (part), can clearly show the work and work features of the picture, design work arranged on a vertical A0 plate (1189mm high, 841mm wide), the size of a single picture should not exceed 2M, image format is JPG, resolution 300dpi. The drawing plate shall contain the design drawing and design description (including but not limited to the introduction of participants, design inspiration, design concept, etc.). Please send the works as an attachment.

2. The name format of the work file should be "Category + name of the company/institution + name of the participant. JPG", for example: Sustainable Home + Xiamen University + xx.jpg.

3.Email address:

4.The email should be named in the format of "Category of competition + name of company/institution + name of participant"

5.Design description (PDF format) 2. Design drawing (JPG format)

6.Submission Deadline:18/10/2021

The participants need to send the design entry via email before the deadline.

7、 The design range

Homeware and accessory, including for children and pet but exclude bedding.

3、The contents of the works folder include:


5、Contact Information of Competition Working Group

Entrants are required to send electronic copies of their entries to the organizer's email address before Oct 18, 2021.

Contact:Joyce   Mobile:+86-13585776300


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