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「 Sustainability 

Homeware design with the concept of sustainability

According to the research that 80% of consumers are willing to pay for environmentally friendly and sustainable design. This change in lifestyle will greatly affect design trends. The concept of "sustainability" is not limited to the use of design materials, but also runs through all aspects of the design concept. Although a small item can’t play a big role, but it is still a contribution and an attitude, and it will give people a feeling of physical and mental pleasure when use.



About Us

「 Health 

Homeware design that cares for our physical and mental health

Our home is our shelter, especially in the post-epidemic era, we have higher needs for home security. While ensuring good health, the homeware items should be more pleasant to use. Let us return to the home as a shelter for the soul. We can relieve, rest, relax, and adjust our state and get ready to go.



About Us

「 Mutilfunction 

Homeware design that allows the home to meet a variety of function

In every harsh period of time, going out is no longer convenient and the home no longer only carries the function of a house, but has to develop towards diversification and multi-function, to accommodate more usage scenarios. Home office, home fitness, home entertainment, mini home growing system etc, home can provide us with a full range of convenience without going out.


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