In order to ensure the fairness, impartiality and openness of the evaluation activities, these implementation rules are formulated


Finalist X50

One month colour enhancement exercise course on FashionHome platform that worth 598RMB, trophy and award winning certificate.

CMF design award

CMF Master course on FashionHome platform that worth 16800RMB, international recognized NCS colour system certificate, CMF designer certificate, trophy and award winning certificate.

Most Market Valua Award

CMF Master course on FashionHome platform that worth 16800RMB, international recognized NCS colour system certificate, CMF designer certificate, trophy and award winning certificate.

The Most Popular Award

CMF Master course on FashionHome platform that worth 16800RMB, international recognized NCS colour system certificate, CMF designer certificate, trophy and award winning certificate.

The Best Environmental Award X2

Sweden NCS colour system course on FashionHome platform that worth 3980RMB, international recognized certificate, trophy and award winning certificate.

The Best Colour Award X2

Sweden NCS colour system course on FashionHome platform that worth 3980RMB, international recognized certificate, trophy and award winning certificate.

The Innovation Award X2

Sweden NCS colour system course on FashionHome platform that worth 3980RMB, international recognized certificate, trophy and award winning certificate.



Sweden NCS interior colour design course on FashionHome platform that worth 16940RMB, international recognized NCS certificate, trophy and award winning certificate.

Silver X2

FashionHome interior colour design course on FashionHome platform that worth 5980RMB, course certificate, trophy and award winning certificate.

Bronze X3

Sweden NCS colour system course on FashionHome platform that worth 3980RMB, international recognized certificate, trophy and award winning certificate.

*If the contestants in the space category submit their works to the product category at the same time, they can also have the opportunity to win the relevant awards in the product category on the premise of meeting the evaluation criteria of the product category.

Special Award

The winning designs of CMF Design Award, Most Market Value Award and The Most Popular Award will cooperate with Homede to launch design products to the market.

Outstanding Organization Award

Organizations or teachers who organize students to participate in the competition will be participated in excellent organization awards based on the quantity and quality of works, a total number of 10 to 15, and issue trophies and awards.



1. Relevance & Completeness: In line with the theme of the competition, the conceptual inspiration of the work is closely related to the proposition direction

1) In-depth understanding of the cultural connotation and design concept contained in the proposition

2) Able to communicate design intent clearly and completely

3) Have the completeness to explain the connotation of the matter

2. Originality & Innovation: Original design concept and form

1) Non-plagiarism and imitation product design

2) The creative concept is unique, innovative and ingenious

3) Originality of technology and material application

4) Creative design artistic expression 

3. Functionality: it has practical value, appeal and dissemination requirements

1) Functional ingenuity and innovation in use

2) The functional arrangement is reasonable, which can reflect the integration of the design into daily life

3) Perfect combination of function, technology and environment

4. Artistic: with a high level of aesthetic taste, artistic pursuit and humanistic connotation

1) Novel and original artistic expression

2) People-oriented, highlight the cultural and artistic features of "locality" and highlight the excavation of humanistic connotations

3) Perfect combination of art and engineering technology

5. Sustainability: reflect green technology content, product recyclability, reuse value, etc.

1) Create and guide a green and ecological lifestyle

2) Make full use of green technology to perfectly integrate environmental protection and technological innovation

3) Understand and make full use of regional and environmental characteristics to establish an environmentally friendly living environment

6. Market development: Possibility of mass production and room for market development

1) Satisfy the needs of a better life

2) Has high market potential and commercial value

3) Comprehensively consider the process, material, cost and other factors in production to achieve mass production


The portion of the product design for the space group is aligned with the product group's review criteria. The evaluation criteria for space design are as follows:

1. Space artistic conception: the innovative point of the work in space artistic conception and space atmosphere

2. Spatial layout: the innovation of the work in the spatial layout

3. Design and selection of materials: the innovation of the works in the design and selection of materials; in line with the requirements of the green and low-carbon era

4. User experience: The work fully considers the five senses of human habitation to create a dynamic and healthy lifestyle


stage one, registration and submition stage

Participants can register and submit their entries by logging on to the official website of the 2022 Good Home Design Competition (

stage two, work review stage

The organizer will review the entries, mainly including the personal information of the contestants and the materials of the entries.

The third stage is the evaluation stage of shortlisted works

stage three, works judging stage

50 finalists were selected according to the judging criteria

stage four, Public review + final review stage

50 finalist works will enter the public review stage and the expert final review stage at the same time, and the winners of each award will be selected.

stage five, Announcement of award-winning works and award-winning list

The official website of the competition announces the winning works and the list of winners

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